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“Fancy Love: Interactive Romance stories” is an interactive romance simulation game. You need to choose an interactive story and start the adventures as the main character. In the process, you may meet with many different characters, like friends, families, lovers and enemies. Try to make your own decisions and see what will happen NEXT!

- Choose your own stories and experience different ways of life
- Choose your favorite look for main characters
- Choose your beloved and enjoy the romantic moments
- Meet with characters from various worlds and enjoy different sceneries
- Make your own choices and lead to different endings

Stories recommended for you:

* Married Under Contract
After your brother, the only family you have ends up in prison. You are forced to look for a job leaving all your dreams and ambitions behind. And then comes the arrogant, extremely proud but irresistibly hot millionaire, who places an offer so tempting but so insane. And there’s no chance of backing out – not after you are married under contract.

* Bad Boy
You have always obeyed the rules, chosen your mind over your heart, and been the good girl. But that’s all about to change when you are instructed to tutor the Bad Boy of school – Jacob Mitchel. He’s the exact opposite of what you stand for. You teach him to how to ace in school and in return he shows you how to actually enjoy life and live in the moment. The romance and drama that comes with it, is so unexpected but so desirable.

* Submitting to Mafia Boss
You are running away from the people who have killed your family. You need to stay alive, stay safe so you can take revenge. You land up in a Mafia safe house and get help from the people there. Alec is everything you never wanted but how will you ever resist his intoxicating charms? In finding the killer, you also end up finding love. But can you have both – vengeance and love?

* Contract with the Devil
As an orphan, you are only visited once a year on your birthday by a mysterious godfather, who has been telling you that you would receive a heavenly gift as soon as you turned 20. However, it was also the day when you met Lucifer, lord of hell, and became his bride. The conspiracy of hell and your true identity are entengled with each other. By the end of the day, you will be the one to decide your own destiny.

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What's new

To avoid data loss, we add new protection mechanism in Fancy Love.
Now users could bind your account(ID, Gmail, Facebook, Apple) to a frequently used Email!
The new story about coming:
My Hot Roommate:You met a man who only desires you!
Love&Sin:A mysterious man loves you and torments you…


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